Sotto una nuova luce

by: Zoran Marković



Format: CD


ZORAN MARKOVIĆ  double bass




Sonata n. 3 in A Major Op. 69  (Ludwig van Beethoven)

1. Allegro, ma non tanto  (12:48)
2. Scherzo (Allegro molto)  (6:15)
3. Adagio cantabile  (2:10)
4. Allegro vivace  (7:23)

5. The white dawn of the Hopi (Nenad Firšt, 10:18)

Sonata in A Major  (César Franck)

6. Allegretto ben moderato  (6:22)
7. Allegro (9:18)
8. Ben moderato  (8:03)
9. Allegretto poco mosso  (7:11)


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Meet the Artist
Zoran was born in Montenegro in 1965.
He started playing the accordion around the age of six. ‘My parents hoped it would keep me out of trouble. But I changed to the double bass when I was fourteen because I was a big boy and I wanted a bigger instrument and more serious music. At the time I couldn’t have known how it would change my life so dramatically for the better.’  He studied at the University of Belgrade and in Venice, Cremona, Munich and Salzburg before settling in Ljubljana.
He performs in Slovenia and abroad as a soloist, with orchestras and with chamber ensembles. He is a regular guest of the Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra. In recent years he has also been conducting symphonic and opera music with a good deal of success. He teaches at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and gives masterclasses all over the world. He is founder and Managing Director of ZMT Tailpiece, a company that specialises in tailpieces for stringed instruments.
Zoran’s happiest and most enriching moments have come through playing chamber music. ‘It’s so alive, so full of the unexpected. To play in Oxford, with such great musicians, is the stuff of dreams’.
He plays an eighteenth-century double bass of the Bologna School.
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