NBB040-consort-music-per-news-web-viola-tiny New release: CONSORT MUSIC (album preview)
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NBB040 – CONSORT MUSIC,  Federico Bagnasco – available from January 4th  “Consort Music is a strange sound object, with multiple origins and multiple destinations.“ (F. Bagnasco)     (…) Most of the pieces in this project follow this type of writing, polyphonic, contrapuntal or chordal, with idiomatic compositional styles of ancient music, but with clearly more […]

NBBrecords-special-gift-news NBB Christmas Gift!
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Place any order for CDs or books and you will receive a NBBChristmas gift: the NBB013’fabulous’shirt: 100% cotton printed with image from the album The Cryme Of Selling Lambs. (*) Go to our catalogue and  let 2022 begin with good double bass music!     (*) the offer is available from 16th December 2021 to […]

nbbrecords-news-newrelease-NBB039 New release: MIO CARO BOTTESINI (album preview)
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NBB039 – MIO CARO BOTTESINI,  Alberto Bocini  and Alessandra Ammara – available from September 26th  Alessandra Ammara and Alberto Bocini live within a minute’s walk from each other but they never had opportunities for collaboration. These, finally, arose precisely as a result of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic of 2020 when the artists decided to […]

nbbrecords NBB019E-CADENZA-PER-NEWS New release: CADENZA (musical score)
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NBB019E: Cadenza Musical score for double bass solo Author: Federico Bagnasco Cadenza is the third score by Federico Bagnasco available on our catalogue since today, adding to Apnea and Lunari di Giada.  We had already a short arrangement of the work recorded in Residui (Le Trame del Legno), the score is now actually the complete […]

NBB018E-lunari-di-giada-PER-NEWS New release: LUNARI DI GIADA (musical score)
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NBB018E: Lunari di Giada Musical score for double bass solo Author: Federico Bagnasco NBBrecords keeps on publishing works by Federico Bagnasco, here we have the second one of three, extremely suggestive and evocative. You’ll find two staffs in the score, one for natural harmonics and one for open strings pizzicato. Lunari di Giada was composed […]

NBB017E-APNEA-PER-NEWS New release: APNEA (musical score)
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NBB017E: Apnea Musical score for double bass solo Author: Federico Bagnasco with Apnea NBBrecords starts to publish the scores of the works by Federico Bagnasco, one of the most interesting composers of music for double bass today. (…) Apnea, on the other hand, appears to be a work in an almost “Rabbath-mood” where the use […]

nbbrecords-NBB035-news New release: CANONI E RICERCARI
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NBB035, Canoni e Ricercari by Massimo Pinca A suite for solo electric bass and live electronics played live at Geneva Fête de la Musique in 2018. Recorded for RTS and mastered by Renaud Millet, artwork by  Filippo Mauro Motole. Finally, the first electric bass album in NBB catalogue…. see the album: NBB035 Canoni e Ricercari Massimo Pinca

nbbrecords-NBB03- review-AM-Trebbi Bass On Fire’s Review in Archi Magazine
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This beautiful review of Bass On Fire NBB037 appeared in the last issue of Archi Magazine, thanks to Alfredo Trebbi. download Archi Magazine Sept-Oct 2020     Bass on fire è l’ultimo CD di Alberto Bocini. In questo lavoro il musicista toscano si presenta in veste non solo di esecutore ma anche di compositore. Si tratta […]

nbbrecords-news-ottava-imp ph@najqureshi Ottava Imports and Nbbrecords, a collaboration born from friendship
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OTTAVA IMPORTS takes over NBBrecords products distribution for US We are glad to announce our new collaboration with Ottava Imports for the distribution of our products  in the United States! From today all our American friends can buy our CD and Music Sheets back on the dedicated online store. We are really happy to collaborate […]

nbbrecords-ciao-ezio Ciao Ezio
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“Bosso, anima punk nella Scuola di Fiesole” le lezioni fiorentine negli anni ’80 nei ricordi di amici e maestri dell’artista scomparso ieri articolo di Fulvio Paloscia la Repubblica, Sabato, 16 maggio 2020, pag. 11 Firenze Spettacoli   Il messaggio è arrivato sullo smartphone della sindaca di Fiesole Anna Ravoni il 27 febbraio scorso: “Mi candido […]