New release: LUNARI DI GIADA (musical score)
On 11 January 2021 | 0 Comments

NBB018E: Lunari di Giada

Musical score for double bass solo

Author: Federico Bagnasco

NBBrecords keeps on publishing works by Federico Bagnasco, here we have the second one of three, extremely suggestive and evocative. You’ll find two staffs in the score, one for natural harmonics and one for open strings pizzicato.

Lunari di Giada was composed in Cumiana (North Italy) in a spring afternoon, as a game of harmonics and left hand pizzicatos. A continuous bowing that swishes on the bridge is the background of the picture (booklet note for the album Le Trame del Legno)

(…)  mysterious and nocturnal melodies  (Giovanni Carta)

(…) avant-garde and sound research aiming to extract every minimum sound nuance from the wood of the double bass (Alberto Sgarlato)

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