New release: CONSORT MUSIC (album preview)
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NBB040 – CONSORT MUSIC,  Federico Bagnasco – available from January 4th 

“Consort Music is a strange sound object, with multiple origins and multiple destinations. (F. Bagnasco)




(…) Most of the pieces in this project follow this type of writing, polyphonic, contrapuntal or chordal, with idiomatic compositional styles of ancient music, but with clearly more modern harmonies and sounds, with the intention of creating an indefinite sound identity, something distant and magical, as out of the timeline.

There is also a more experimental dimension, closely linked to the solo instrument, generated mostly by free improvisation and an unconventional use of the instrument (…)

Finally, there is the dimension linked to editing, an important part of the project, also in the creation of real “soundscapes”, linked to the overlapping of different recordings in layers, to the mixing between them and to the electronic manipulation of the sound, above all through reverb effects or other filters. (F. Bagnasco)


Track list:

  1. I resti della fine (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  2. Intagli (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  3. Canone a tre (Bagnasco)
  4. Sotto i trionfali ponti dell’alba (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  5. Passi antichi (Bagnasco)
  6. Esaedro (Bagnasco)
  7. Brulicar di spiriti (Bagnasco)
  8. Fuga dorica su tema inglese (Bagnasco)
  9. Girotondo Felino (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  10. Valium di campane (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  11. Ipocondria notturna (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  12. Radici di mandragora (Bagnasco)
  13. Eco di cattedrali (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  14. La fine del santo (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  15. Gli iperborei (Bagnasco)
  16. L’oblio del solstizio (Bagnasco/Manfredi)
  17. Interferenze elettriche (Bagnasco)
  18. Sonata prima FLW    (Bagnasco)

Viol Consort (photo Manuel Garibaldi)

Maurizio Less: treble viol, tenor viol, bass viol

Alberto Pisani: treble viol, bass viol

Andrea Gabriele De Venuto: tenor viol, bass viol

Federico Bagnasco: bass viol, violone in G, violone in D

Giorgia Less: bass viol

Giulio Tanasini: violone

Overdubbing with solo instrument (bass viol and violone) : Federico Bagnasco.


CONSORT MUSIC by Federico Bagnasco  will be available  for streaming and downloading on the main digital platforms from January 4th, 2022. You could find it soon in CD format too, check our catalogue.

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