New release: RITROVARSI (album)
On 22 October 2019 | 0 Comments
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Delightful and singular mix of music in the mood of jazz, RITROVARSI by Nino Bianchi is an original and delicate album, pervaded with melancholy irony born with the creative contribution of all the participants and of the numerous and very special guests too, some of which musicians devoted to other genres and of the highest level, ingeniously

invited to give an originality touch that makes this sequence of tracks so fascinating and mysterious, as if to tell the life of each of the musicians in the Bianchi living room, questioning themselves on the proposed themes in a familiar but never banal linguistic perspective.

(Eraldo Piloni,
Andrea Pighi, double bass and electric bass –
Andrea and Amedeo recording “Ritrovarsi”
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