New release: BASS ON FIRE (album preview)
On 3 April 2020 | 0 Comments
NBB037 – BASS ON FIRE, by Alberto Bocini – available from April 15th 

In this solo double bass album, Alberto Bocini presents some of his original pieces and invites us into his sound world, made of evocative storytelling.

Intense pizzicato and delicate harmonic sounds, alternating with percussive elements sometimes frenetic in Ballata I.II.III and Tre Piccoli Pezzi; definitely rock atmospheres in Nightmare after Strauss; the combination of all this in the virtuosistic Variations on Variations on Nel cor più non mi sento by Bottesini.

The album closes with Suite No. 1 in G major by J.S. Bach, where Alberto Bocini tuned his instrument in fifths with the A at 415 hertz.


Track list:

1 – 3 Tre piccoli pezzi (A. Bocini)
4 Tema e variazioni su Nel cor più non mi sento (A. Bocini/G. Bottesini)
5 Ballata n.1 (A. Bocini)
6 Ballata n.2 (A. Bocini)
7 Ballata n.3 (A. Bocini)
8 Nightmare after Strauss (A. Bocini)
9 – 14 Suite n. 1 in G major BWV 1007 (J.S. Bach)



“… this recording wants to be a kind of first picture,

the state of the art of my journey towards the Bach Suites,

in love with horizons

and obsessed with resonances …” (A. Bocini)

The Bach Suite was recorded in a Romanic Church  from the XI century in Chianti, Tuscany, February 2020.