Alberto Bocini “Hey, good to see you! (again)”
On 20 January 2019 | 0 Comments

The premiere of “Hey, good to see you! (again)“, a brand new composition for 2 double basses by Alberto Bocini, was held in Pelotas, Brazil, on Januar 18th, 2019,  at the 9° Internacional Festival Sesc de Mùsica. Dedicated to the brazilian double bass player Eder Kinappe, performer in the recital together with Bocini, the music speaks a crossover language and reveals many influences, first of all that of rock music.

“The piece was born with the idea of celebrating my friendship with Eder, double bass player met some years ago at the ‘Internacional Festival Sesc de Mùsica’ in Pelotas, with whom I share every year intense weeks full of music, concerts and teaching. ‘Hey, good to see you! (again)’ is a dedication that I would like to extend to all the other double bass friends that I occasionally meet for festivals, conventions and master classes around the world ” (Alberto Bocini, 2019)